Greywater Installation Materials & Technical Resources

Where to Buy Greywater Parts & Products in the Monterey Bay Area

Where to Buy Greywater Compatible Laundry Detergents
Where to Buy Laundry to Landscape Installation Materials


George H. Wilson, Mechanical Contractors: Sells greywater drainage plumbing fittings and double ells (flow splitters) for branched drain systems.

250 Harvey West Blvd. Santa Cruz CA 95060 • (831) 423-9522.


Ewing Irrigation:  Sells Jandy 3-port valve (special order) for retrofitting ABS plumbing.  Sells poly-tubing and PVC fittings for Laundry to Landscape systems.

5550 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz, CA  95062, (831) 464-6777

225 Dela Vina Ave. Monterey, CA  93940, (831) 656-9530


Laundry-to-Landscape Installation Kits Available from Local Retailers

  • Pro-Build, 235 River St, Santa Cruz. Pre-Order your L2L kit by calling Terry, Dan, or Dale at 426-1020


Greywater Installation Kits and Materials Available On-line


Greywater Irrigation System Homeowner’s Manuals and Code-Required Pipe Labels

Laundry to Landscape home-owner-manual(template)
Branched Drain Homeowner’s Manual (template)
Constructed Wetland Homeowner’s Manual (template)
3-Port Valve Handle Orientation Labels (prints on Avery label sheet)
Greywater Pipe Label (prints on Avery label sheet)


Excellent Technical Resources for Greywater and Rainwater System Installers

Oasis Design  books and DVDs on greywater systems

Greywater Action

Monterey County Water Awareness Committee Rainwater Catchment Page