Greywater Alliance Installer Directory

Members of the Central Coast Greywater Alliance can evaluate your home’s potential for greywater reuse and guide you through the permitting process.  All members of the Central Coast Greywater Alliance are plumbing, landscaping, and/or environmental engineering professionals who are committed to creating code-compliant greywater systems.

Greywater Alliance Member Contact Information Greywater  Plumbing Greywater Irrigation System Installation
Commercial & Engineered Greywater System Design
Bay Maples

Santa Clara County

(408) 391-0647 X
Ecological Concerns, Inc.

Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey Counties

(831) 459-0656 X
Terra Bella Landscaping

Santa Cruz County

(831) 818-3184 X
Love’s Gardens

Santa Cruz County

(831) 471-9100 X
Aqua Soleil

Monterey County

(831) 915-1284 x  X
Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping

Santa Cruz County

(831) 425-3514 X
Monterey Greywater Group

Monterey County

(831) 402-8229 X
Handy Dan Construction and Greenwise Landscaping

Monterey/San Benito County

(831) 643-9911 X X
Burkhardt Construction

Santa Cruz County

(831) 212-7019 X

Santa Cruz County

(831) 476-6800 X
Aqua Green Landscape Irrigation

Santa Cruz County

(831) 251-7362 X
Allterra Environmental

Santa Cruz County

(831) 425-2608 X X
Fall Creek Engineering

Santa Cruz County

(831) 426-9054 X
Biosphere Consulting

Santa Cruz County

(831) 430-9116 X

California greywater installers working in areas outside the Central Coast are listed at

For design consultation worldwide, or books and DVDs on greywater systems contact Oasis Design


What to Expect from a Professional Greywater Consultation & Installation

In order to avoid maintenance and environmental health issues, simple and complex permitted greywater systems should be designed carefully by an experienced professional.

The collection plumbing inside or underneath the house should be performed by a licensed plumber who is familiar with the installation of 3-way valves and conserving the height of fall. If your greywater source is from a bathroom sink or shower/tub, you or your installer are legally required to apply for a construction permit so that the system can be inspected to assure code compliance.

The greywater disposal or irrigation system outside the house should be designed and installed by a licensed landscape professional or environmental engineer. The irrigation system should be designed to ensure that the estimated daily flow from your greywater source(s) match your soil’s infiltration capacity and the irrigation needs of your existing or planned landscape. Irrigation system installation will require digging narrow trenches, mulch basins, and careful pipe installation. Upon the completion and inspection of the greywater installation, the installer should provide you with a map that locates all system components and an operations and maintenance manual. If you are uncomfortable maintaining your greywater system, you should set up a maintenance contract with your installer to ensure optimum system performance. The key to success of your greywater system is a good design and active participation by the user(s) to follow the guidelines in the maintenance manual!