Train the Trainers Workshops

Whether you are new to the greywater scene or you have installed one or more systems already,
we have workshops to get you more involved in the water conservation community.

Train the Trainer Workshop | Laundry-to-Landscape Workshops

Become a water conservation leader and mentor in your community!

Central Coast Greywater Alliance members, greywater installers and public agency staff who wish to be trainers and mentors for the 1000 Greywater Systems Challenge must complete a Train-the-Trainers workshop.


Upon completion of the workshop, trainers will be assigned to the jurisdiction where they live to assist with upcoming greywater weekend workshop installations, or may use program materials to coordinate a workshop in their own neighborhood or jurisdiction.


The train-the-trainers workshop will provide an overview of the PowerPoint presentation to be used in greywater challenge workshops, and will result in the installation of a laundry-to-landscape greywater system that will provide trainers with practical experience in managing volunteer work flow. Qualified trainers may be eligible to receive stipends for assisting workshop participants with system installations in their assigned area.