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What fixtures are connected to your greywater system?

Clothes Washer
On average, how many loads of laundry do you do each week?
Is your washing machine a high efficiency model?
Does your washing machine load from the top or from the front?
How many household members use the shower(s) connected to the greywater system?
Bathroom Sink
How many household members use the sink(s) connected to the greywater system?

What are you irrigating with your greywater?

Fruit Trees
Berries and/or Vines
Garden vegetables whose edible parts have no contact with soil
Ornamental landscape trees, shrubs, or groundcover
California native plants

May we contact you for a follow up survey in 2 years time to assess your greywater system?

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Joining the Challenge!

By registering your greywater system, you are helping us to amplify citizen awareness about water conservation and drought preparedness. Big or small, your project will make our community more resilient as we re-skill ourselves to grow our own food, conserve and recycle water and save energy––all while building a network of inspired water conservationists!

Personal Information

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