Over a half-million gallons of water
saved every year from now on!

What is Greywater?

Greywater is waste water from laundry machines, bathroom sinks, showers, and bathtubs. A typical California household produces more than 10,000 gallons of greywater between May and October alone! Although some municipalities recycle treated greywater to irrigate agricultural crops, most greywater is sent to a wastewater treatment plant which discharges the treated water to a local waterway or the ocean. Irrigating landscapes with greywater during the summer dry months is a sustainable solution for homes that do not have access to treated recycled water. Greywater irrigation conserves our precious water resources, conserves energy needed to pump and treat water, and saves money on your water bill!

Why Greywater?

Save Water

Your household will save 3-10,000 gallons of water during the months of April-October when you irrigate with greywater instead of drinking water.

Save Money

Maximize the useful life of the water that you pay for each month. Participating water utilities also offer rebates and incentives to help pay for greywater installation materials.

Enhance Safety

Your laundry will be safer for your family and the environment by using plant-friendly detergents and cleaners.

Create Beauty

You will increase the beauty and bounty of your home garden and landscape by irrigating with greywater.

Build Community

Build community by working together with neighbors and friends on your greywater installation!

Build a Movement

Get educated, engaged, and trained to share landscape water conservation practices with others.


A tip of the hat to Oasis Design for decades of authoritative greywater information, policy work, and innovation, including the Branched Drain and Laundry to Landscape greywater systems.

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