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What's Greywater? San Jose

1243 San Tomas Aquino, San Jose - February 25, 2017 - 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM

Learn about the water-saving potential for common types of graywater systems; costs, codes, and regulations; plant-friendly soaps and products; irrigation hardware decisions and requirements; and how to qualify for the Santa Clara Valley Water District $200 Graywater Laundry to Landscape Rebate Program. Focus of workshop will be on laundry to landscape systems.

To receive specific assistance with project ideas during the workshop, please bring:

  • a simple drawing of your project plan and
  • photos of your
    • laundry area,
    • exterior wall nearest your clothes washer, and
    • landscape area to be irrigated with graywater.
  • Note: the above materials are not required to enjoy or attend the workshop.

Free. For workshop or graywater questions, contact Justin Burks at (408) 630-2684. For parking, hours, or other library questions, call (408) 244-4747.